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How to take your hair & makeup from 'everyday' to Festive!

These little hacks will take your hair and makeup from your usual look to more of a festive vibe! They're super easy so won't take too much effort but are really effective!

Add a touch of sparkle to your eye makeup...

Using a shimmer shadow on the lid or a pop of colour/shimmer in the inner corner is an understated way to make an effort.

My fave product for this would be the hypnotysing pop shots from Charlotte Tilbury, they come in some beautiful shades and look very flattering on the eyes. The packaging is also gorge and would make a great christmas present. Don't forget to use my discount code: georgiaeFB3XM for 15% off!

A red lip!

A classic look but also very festive. Changing your usual nude/pink lip for a more bold red lip will have you feeling super christmassy! I love the new red lip kit from refy, the liner lasts ages and the gloss is lovely to apply on top.

Add an accessory

Adding a hair accessory is a perfect way to elevate your look, whether it be for work or for your christmas night out. I love a sparkly clip or headband. You could also try a bow which is very on trend this season. I'll pop some inspo pics below...

Take your curls from Beachy to Hollywood

Using a different method to curl your hair can really make a difference to the overall style. Most people tend to use the straightener in a vertical downward motion to create a loose beachy wave. Instead of this try using the straightener in a horizontal downwards motion to create more of a bouncy curl.

Also try to do all the curls on one half of the head away from the face and in the same direction, then do the other side, away from the face all in the same direction. This will mean the curls will sit together and create more of a glam 'hollywood' style curl. I'll pop some pictures below so you can see the difference, if you want a tutorial for this please comment below!!

Beach wave Bouncy 'hollywood' Curl

Hope you've found this helpful! Subscribe to keep up to date with our blog posts! G x

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